Rita Reporter – Who is She ? What is her Real Name ? Facts about her

Rita Reporter (Rita Shrivastava) is news channel reporter and working in Mumbai area for the latest news and updates. She has been often seen in the Gokuldham Society when any news event is there. She is also considered as the family member of Gokuldham Society. She is working as the TV reporter of news channel “Kal Tak”. She covers most of the events and programs at the society like Uttarayan (Makar Sankranti i.e. Kite Festival), Holi, Eid, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Republic Day of India, Independence Day of India, Gandhi Jayanti, Parsi New Year and lots of other festivals in the society.

Rita Reporter - Priya Ahuja
Rita Reporter – Priya Ahuja

Rita Reporter’s Real Name

Rita Reporter’s real name is Priya Ahuja Rajda and working as Media Reporter in Kal Tak news channel. She mostly covers news related to the Gokuldham Society. We haven’t seen her outside the society covering news.

Rita Reporter mostly covers celebration of Gokuldham Society. She also likes to cover breaking news of the society. She has also covered most important news of the society such as kidnap of Daya bhabhi, religious festivals and others.

Rita Reporter and Popatlal Chemistry

Rita Reporter and Popatlal fights with each other on various topics and reasons. Main reason behind their fighting is their profession. They consider their own media superior in all manners. Rita Reporter thinks that her news channel is superior compare to Popatlal’s print media which is “Toofan Express” or “Tufan Express”.

There are also lots of people and fans of TMKOC thinks that Rita Reporter should marry Popatlal as soon as possible. Rita is single and didn’t married. She is also good looking and hard working woman. That’s why people thinks like that Rita should marry Popatlal and become official member of Gokuldham Society.

Let’s wait for the Rita’s marriageĀ (Rita Shrivastava) and her new house with Popatlal.

Article last re-published on May 7, 2015.