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If you have any question regarding copyrighted material, any query or have question then contact me at following contact details. I am very much happy to receive your message regarding anything.

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  1. sir,first I would like to thank you for TARAK MEHTA KA ULTA CHASMA.You are doing a great job for the betterment of raising the problems and make people to be bound to think about the problem and the solution. I want to draw your kind attention to the problem overpopulation of world. Every problem has a solution.But it needs some fire and wisdom.There is science,which has opened the door to solve this burning problem. A lot of solution has been invented by the intellectuals of the world. i.e.genetically modified child and many more.It needs to drop the stupidity,dogma and so and so.And secondly we should have to adopt the science and technology to improve the quality of the babies to be born.A conciousness have to spread on the mass scale not to produce child by those people who are not capable to take care of their children .

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