Why Old Roshan Singh Sodhi Mrs Sodhi has left TMKOC – Reasons Revealed

Popular TMKOC characters Mr Roshan Singh Sodhi and Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi has left Taarak Mehta Ultah Chashmah while show is on new high. Production house has changed two characters with new actors. But fans of this TV serial are eagerly waiting for the come back of this cute couple with their best performance and acting. It is unlikely that people will accept new actors in old characters.

Most of fans and people didn’t know what is the reason for leaving this TV serial / project by both couple i.e. Mr. Roshan Singh Sodhi and Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi. There are lots rumors that both have left production due to various reasons but we are going to reveal the actual reason in this article.

Why Mr Roshan Singh Sodhi left TMKOC

There are lots of problems between production house and Mr. Roshan Singh Sodhi aka Gurucharan Singh. He has very angry nature on production house and thus it creates so many problems between both parties. At last, both have decided to end the agreement to continue work in the TV serial.

Why Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi left TMKOC

Wife of Mr Roshan Singh is Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi aka Jenniffer Mistry has also left the production house due to her personal reason. As per various news sources, She has left this popular TV show due to her pregnancy which was not known to the production house team earlier. After informing the production house, she has left the show due to this reason.

Reactions from the Viewers of TMKOC

Roshan Singh Sodhi and Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi both were performing well. People liked couple’s acting with very much love. So, it is not possible for them to accept new actors in such a very less time.

Let’s hope that people will accept new Roshan Singh Sodhi and fans will help to make this serial best in the history of Indian Television.